Nano technology and nano materials

The main distinction of a man is his/her wish, even urge, to create, produce, to understand the existing, to improve and plan a better world.

In the last few years the nano technology and mainly the prefix »nano« have become the magic words attracting researches, engineers, and others who are well aware that constant advancement in technology is a must.

It makes no sense to close one's eyes from the development of the nano technology, for it will surely constitute an important element of our future. To consider the hazards, however, it seems like a measure of wise caution, a safeguard on unknown paths.

As the information technology had changed our way of thinking and acting, the nano technology is bound to interfere with all aspects of our living, and thus improve the quality of life – provided we manage and handle it the right way.

The challenges to be mastered by the nano technology range from early diagnostics and curing of so far incurable diseases, detecting of one single cancer cell and its destruction, minimizing of electronic components and making of a computer operating on basis of a single electron, atom or molecule, to improving of surface properties of various materials.

It is obvious that nano technology shall have a big impact on economy and social situation of the 21st century, an impact similar to the one of development of the semi-conductor and info technology and molecular biology in the 20th century.