Mission and vision


  • To foster and to preserve the role of the leading specialist institution within the Kolektor Group for the management and development of thermoset composites.

  • To become an important strategic centre for transfer of new materials and associated industrial equipment into the industrial/production environment with the aim to ensure knowledge transfer from the development to production stage.


  • To create complete, high quality solutions in order to improve existing or to enable the development of new products and process technology solutions in accordance with applicable law and economic feasibility.

  • To find new project and to assist in transfer of the new improved technologies from the laboratory environment, to the pilot stage, and further into the industrial environment with the aim to strengthen connections with the parent company.

  • To continuously improve the level of technological equipment and professional qualifications, skills and competences of employees in order to create an environment that will serve as a crossroad of interests within the Kolektor Group.