TKI Hrastnik d.d.

The main activities of TKI Hrastnik are development, production and processing of basic industrial chemicals, specialty chemicals, laboratory and manufacturing of consumer products

Kolektor Sinabit d.o.o.

They provide comprehensive solutions for engineering, the automation and computerization of technological processes, machines and devices in various branches of industry, the energy sector, infrastructure and buildings and the environmental infrastructure.

Helios Domžale d.d.

They are a leading manufacturer of coatings in South Eastern Europe.

Akripol d.d.

The company has years long experiences in the production and processing of polymers.

Kolektor Group d.o.o.

Kolektor group boasts tradition in highly specialized industrial production. Developmentally as well as business-oriented, the programs are managed in the following business divisions: Components and systems, Building technology and products for home and Industrial technology and energy.

Kolektor Magma d.o.o.

Basic activity of the company is development, production and sales of ferrite products and inductive components.

Kolektor Etra d.o.o.

Manufacture of power transformers and power generator transformers up to 500 MVA and voltages up to 420 kV.

Institute of Oncology Ljubljana

The Institute of Oncology Ljubljana is a comprehensive national cancer center which carries out services required for cancer prevention and treatment, as well as rehabilitation and palliative care of cancer patients, and provides for the balanced national progress of oncology.

Varsi, d.o.o.

Varsi, d.o.o. has the program of varistors, couplings and temperature probes. On the base of its own knowledge and research upgrades the production of high technology ceramics.


The Center of Excellence in Nanosciences and Nanotechnology is explicitly interdisciplinary since it includes prominent physicists, chemists and electrical engineers from different fields of research.


Centre of Excellence NAMASTE is a multi-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary consortium of research institutions and industry. Academic, technological and business expertise and equipment are assembled in the centre in order to foster key technological advances in certain areas relating to inorganic non-metallic materials and their implementation in electronics, optoelectronics, photonics, and medicine.

The Faculty of chemistry and chemical engineering, University of Maribor

Research Activities: Synthesis of inorganic compounds with ultrasound - sonochemical synthesis, Synthesis of organometallic compounds, Synthesis of nanoparticles of inorganic compounds by the method of reverse micelles, Mechanical and sonochemical synthesis CuNi nanoparticles, Hydrothermal synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles Ba-ferrite nanoparticles, Synthesis of magnetite and maghemite for the preparation of magnetic liquids, Synthesis and analysis of inorganic and coordination compounds.