Project assignments (since 2011)

Nano-functional and environment-friendly coats

Synthesis of organic dispersions based on the nano-titanium (IV) oxide in the Rutile and Anatas crystal structures for wood and façade coating/painting systems, and setting up of a pilot production line and test production on the location of TKI Hrastnik.

Nanomaterials for anti-corrosion coating systems for specific weather and mechanical exposures (C4 and C5)

Developing of procedures for synthesis of nanomaterials based on ZnO, A2O3, ZrO, ZnO/SiO2, Fe2O3, in order to improve mechanical and anti-corrosion properties in application of these in surface treatment of substrates, and integration of the synthesized nanomaterials in various binder systems.

Nanocomposites coating systems for hard coatings based on acrylic substrates

  • Nanocomposites based on silicon dioxide for hard coatings on acrylic substrates.
  • Nanocomposites for façade systems with integrated nanoparticles (flammability class A2)

Remark – assignment is a part of a doctoral program - a MR project from the field of economy.

Nanomagnetic materials for biomedicine and biotechnology

Development of various syntheses of nanomagnetic materials, development of technology of surface-treatment of nanomagnetic materials, development of technology of bonding of various active (healing) substances onto magnetic nanoparticles, development of technologies of introducing of complexes into in vitro and in vivo cell lines, muscles and experimental tumors in presence of an outer magnetic field, compatibility study regarding elimination of magnetic nanoparticles from in vitro and in vivo systems.

Coating systems as EM-waves absorbers

Research of various syntheses and technologies of implementing of magnetic and nanomagnetic materials into various coating and casting/plastering systems, and development of procedures for characterisation of the absorption level of the EM-waves in various frequency ranges with special emphasis on the frequency range of base stations for the mobile telephony.

Remark – assignment is a part of a doctoral program - a MR project from the field of economy.

Development of the Nano ZnO varistor

Development of an eco/nano varistor based on ZnO for low, middle and high voltages.

Nano fillers for maintaining of the arc in electric fuses

Synthesis and preliminary research of the nano silicon (IV) oxide for maintaining of the arc in electric fuses for solar systems.

Nanomaterials in glass industry

Preliminary research regarding exchange of fluorides in opal/frosted glass and nano coatings for opal glass.

Insulative composite polymer based on the nano silicate aerogel

Preliminary studies of synthesis, and studies of the influence of the silicate aerogel on the insulation properties of a composite polymer.

Engagement in public tenders (since 2011 onward)

»Antiangiogenic gene therapy of cancer« holder the Institute of Oncology, partner NTI

»Application of the chemical separation in cancer research«, holder the Jožef Stefan Institute, partners NTI and the Institute of Oncology.