Aparature (Our equipment) Description
Dinamyc light scattering- DLS (HORIBA, LB550V) Particle size and distribution measurement  (1nm - 6µ) including media viscosity.
Specific surface area and porosity   analyzer (Micromeritics Tistar) Specific surface area (BET) and porosity measurement.
Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC, Mettler Toledo) Enthalpy   changes in samples due to changes in their physical and chemical properties   as a function of temperature or time (25°C-700°C).
Thermogravimetric Analyzer  (TGA/DSC1MettlerToledo) Measurement the change in weight of a sample as it is heated, cooled or held at   constant temperature (air or inert atmosphere) (25°C-1600°C).
Mass spectrometer  (Vacuum Pfeifer) Determination the mass of a molecule by measuring the mass-to-charge ratio (m/z) of its ion.
X-ray Powder Diffraction (XRD -   Rigaku MiniFlex II) Crystal structures and atomic spacing measurement.
Zetameter (Zetasizer Nano – Malvern) Measurement of zeta potential and electrophoretic mobility in aqueous and non aqueous dispersions.
iC-IR insitu (MettlerToledo) Allows full access to chemical reaction - tracking mechanism, kinetics, and characteristics   of individual channels reactions.
Optical microscope (OLYMPUS BX41) Magnification: ocular 10x; objective lenses 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x in 100x.
Laboratory planetary mill (Pulverisette 5 – FRITSCH)
(2 x 500 ml grinding bowl)
For comminution of solid matter in suspension (organic or   inorganic carier media) down to colloidal fineness, crushing of dry laboratory samples and mixing and   perfect homogenising of emulsions and pastes.
Laboratory agitator bead mill (LabStar – NETZSCH) (up to 5000 ml of disperzion, < 50 wt.% solid content) Wet grinding (organic or inorganic carier media) in the nano area, preparing dispersions and suspensions.
Cutting mill (RETZSCH SM 100)
(capacity up to 50 kg/h)
For the   grinding of soft, medium-hard,   elastic, fibrous, and heterogeneous mixes of product (final fineness due to bottom   sieves with aperture sizes from 0.25 - 20 mm).
Universal   Double Arm Laboratory Mixing and Kneading Machine with Extrusion Screw (LK III - Herman Linden) (working temperature range + 80°C to + 400°C) Manufacture of magnetic and non-magnetic composite materials in various polymer matrix.