Kolektor`s Nanotesla Institute presents itself at the international MIDEM conference


The 48th International Conference on MIcroelectronics, Devices and Materials

At Otočec, in the Hotel Šport, the 48th International Conference on MIcroelectronics, Devices and Materials, MIDEM 2012, continued the tradition of annual international conferences organized by the MIDEM Society.

Dr. Branka Mušič, Director of the Kolektor Nanotesla Institut, spoke of nano metal oxides, aluminium tri-hydroxide (ATH) and nano silicon dioxide (SiO2). According to Mrs. Mušič, this is a case of development of two different nano-materials and integration of these into the polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). The development was realized in cooperation with Akripol, thus gaining an improved material for skylights and polycarbonate panels.

By integrating nano particles into the existing material, the Nanotesla Institutu managed to place this material into a higher flammability class (fire-proof materials), ensured better resistance to abrasion, and is currently trying to ensure better UV-resistance. Since UV radiation damage organic compounds and has a negative influence on the materials, also, the experts wish to be able to find some way for the material to absorb as much of this radiation as possible. With the newly developed materials, as says Dr. Mušič, the Nanotesla as well as the Akripol rank among the world`s leaders in this field.

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