Kolektor Nanotesla institute together with Helios develops a radiation protection coat


Kolektor Nanotesla Institute cooperates with Helios and launch a protection solution in form of coats

Due to ever more popular wireless technology appliances and communications and ever higher concentration of electro-smog negatively affecting the quality of our lives thus ever higher exposure of people and environment to radiation, the Kolektor Nanotesla Institute decided to cooperate with Helios and launch a protection solution in form of coats. On the market, said coats have proven a competitive advantage for both companies.

»This is a global innovation – a long term protection with no side effects. Not only individual segments but the entire space or room can be protected. Since negative effects of radiation only become evident after several years of exposure to electro-magnetic radiation, we offer each individual to opt for additional protection, independently of  governmental recommendations,« explained Dr. Branka Mušič, Director of the Nanotesla Institute, and added: »this coat, as an absorber of the electro-magnetic radiation, is user-friendly. It can be applied to internal or external wall surfaces, in either separate residential units (e.g. children' s room, master bedroom) or to walls facing some source of the electro-magnetic radiation (base stations). It is also interesting for health institutions, kindergartens, schools, etc.... The coat is property of Helios, while Kolektor group manufactures the key component for its absorbing function.«

According to Dr. Mušič, it took them app. three years to make an idea reality – three years of diligent, consistent and hard work. Over EUR 250 thousand were invested into market research and material development.

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