Second best innovation for colored glass and prize for excellence


At the 8th Slovenian forum of innovations taking place in Ljubljana last week, national evaluation committee granted award for the second best innovation to Eco-colored glass as the result of cooperation between Razvojni center eNeM Novi materiali, Steklarna Hrastnik and Kolektor Nanostesla Institute.

Moreover, RC eNeM Novi materiali d.o.o., subsidiary Nano materiali v steklarstvu was granted also the prize for excellence for applicability of creative industries for the so called Illusion Glass.

The main added value of Eco-colored glass - an innovation at a global level - represents application of substances harmless to health and environment. These can be found in nature and have not been used before for preparation of colored glass. The innovation was patented at the European Patent Office as this is a unique procedure of coloring glass with pigments harmless to health and environment. Moreover, these pigments reduce defects in production process. Black, blue, violet, apricot and green shades of color were developed in the lab. The prototype, produced at Kolektor Nanotesla Institute, has already been produced at the pilot line in Steklarna Hrastnik. Major problems with transfer to production are not expected.

The production procedure of the crackled effect glass (Illusion Glass) that looks as if it was broken has been known for years. The innovation for which the prize for excellence for applicability of creative industries was granted introduced a new type of production and represents a permanent growth in this segment.

Such production of glass is intended for small-series manufacture of unique decorative glass products of the highest quality. Patent application for the innovation has already been filed at the EU patent office.

Eco-colored glass

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