The Nanotesla Institute took over by Dr. Branka Mušič


After the sudden death of the former Nanotesla Institute director, Assistant Professor Andrej Žnidaršič, his place was taken over by Dr. Branka Mušič. Professor Andrej Žnidaršič was Branka's mentor for her doctoral thesis. "Every leader certainly contributes to changes with his approach. Of course his spirit will still be present and we will try to make our changes for good seen elsewhere, too" said the new director of the Kolektor's institute.

»Because I had been made familiar with certain projects before the takeover, I started to take part in some of them and some current tasks at that time. Our opinion is that the projects and tasks that were launched when Professor Žnidaršič was still alive have to be finished in time. This is the only correct thing to do to our partners and to show the success and effectiveness of the institute. I was attracted to the management of the Nanotesla Institute by new challenges. Before that I had worked in the Central Development in the Helios Group. I had some great experience, but new challenges are the ones that drive people on," said the new director Dr. Branka Mušič.

»On this occasion I would like to thank the management of the Kolektor concern, which showed trust in me for managing the Nanotesla Institute," added Dr. Branka Mušič and emphasized that in the future more attention will be paid to the work with Kolektor groups. "We will not worry about that. We are ready to cooperate with everybody."

The Nanotesla Institute took over by Dr. Branka Mušič

»We have all the equipment that we currently need, thus we will not invest a lot into equipment this year, but we will need more staff for long-term stability and intensification of applied development products," said the director if the Nanotesla Institute Dr. Branka Mušič.

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